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Rigsy Returns!

There's another Babbler in the TARDIS this weekend as Joivan Wade's Rigsy returns for a second adventure with the Doctor!

Teased as being an unmissable episode in an already barnstorming series, 'Face the Raven' sees The Doctor and Clara reunited with Rigsy, the `pudding brained' grafitti artist who gained the Time Lord's respect by helping him face off an invasion by inter-dimensional beings known as the Boneless in Bristol. Together the trio investigate a strange alien world hidden on a street in the heart of London and they soon discover this unusual road is sheltering some of the most fearsome creatures in the universe - including the immortal Viking Ashildr, who the Time Lord last encountered in the 17th century in the guise of noblewoman-turned-brigand `Lady Me'... 

Watch the trailer below, and tune in tomorrow, Saturday 21st November, 8.10pm on BBC1.

Joivan's voicereel is coming soon, but check out his profile page

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