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Halloween? But, it's only April?!

Nick Malinowski gets his spook on in Hotspur Theatre’s spine-tingling ghost story, Dead of Night, at The Mill at Sonning theatre.

Dead of Night was co-written by the babblicious Nick Malinowski and has been produced by Hotspur Theatre, which specializes in creating site-specific, small-cast productions.

The Mill theatre is currently undergoing a £300,000 refurbishment but, while other theatres may go dark, the Mill’s manager has made the most of the situation by commissioning Hotspur Theatre to produce a production especially for the theatre in its current state.

Nick slips into character behind the bar as the Bar Manager just as last orders are called and allows the company to perform its reduced version of Macbeth to those sitting enjoying a drink. The tension builds, the lighting begins gradually to be extinguished and a scream leads the audience on a chilling journey into the unknown through the darkened corridors of the theatre.

Dead of Night is running at The Mill at Sonning until the May 2nd – click here for tickets and more info!

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