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I Am Henry (...the eighth I am....)

Hugh congratulations to the babblicious Fleur Keith, who's won the Best Actress award at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, for her role as Anne Bolyen in 'I Am Henry'! 

LACFH provides independent filmmakers with the opportunity to have their work recognized, judged and awarded. Past winners have included Jean Reno (Best Actor), Cybil Shepherd (Best Actress), Ed Harris (Best Supporting Actor) and Rosanna Arquette (Best Actress).

'I Am Henry' is an absorbing short drama set in the hour of King Henry VIII's death, as he contemplates his life, loves and those he has wronged, wondering if he has earned his place at God’s table. Check out the trailer here, and don't forget that Fleur is currently appearing in 'Waste' at the National Theatre. Have a listen to her voice reel.


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