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Edinburgh 2018!

Katie Reddin-Clancy in Grace - 1-27 Aug (not 13th), Gilded Balloon, 1.45pm

In an old regional theatre, Alfie, a comedian who performed as the male half of a double act re-enters the stage… as Zora, a woman.  A charming, funny rollercoaster through show business, gender, spirituality, identity and love.  An important statement about gender fluidity and stage fright.


Margaret Cabourn-Smith in The Half - 1-26 Aug, Pleasance Courtyard, 2pm

Thirty minutes before curtain up, a double act meet for the first time in over a decade, but whatever happened to cause such a rift? Ambition, friendship, motherhood, ageing and mice are all explored in this tragicomedy.


Pippa Evans in Brexit - 1-26 Aug (not 13th), Pleasance Courtyard, 1.30pm

A new Tory PM must unite his party’s warring factions with his masterful plan for a final Brexit deal. Just... what was it again?


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