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Edinburgh 2017 Preview!


Pippa Evans - Joy Provision

The award-winningest comedian called Pippa takes on Trump in her new show, playing at the Pleasance Courtyard - "What is going on? America is being run by a stroppy, orange teenager, new wars are starting every day and now the courgettes are running out. All's not lost though. Olivier (Showstopper! The Improvised Musical) and Chortle Award winner Pippa returns with a new show less about how love will tear us apart and more about how the little things might keep us together." - Tickets and Info.

Anabel Barnston - A Voyage of the Easy Sisters

"It’s just another Sunday morning for the Easy Sister goddesses; ill-advised jagerbombs, lost tampons and wanking mermaids are behind them. But little do they know, something catastrophic, world destroying and likely to be dressed in a crotch hugging pant suit, is about to cause havoc. Something the Easy Sisters must defeat despite their hangovers. Never underestimate the power of social media, modern dating, political correctness and … disco biscuits.  

Fridge Magnet's fringe debut seemlessly blends greek mythology with modern day 'first world problems' opening up a dialogue regarding the wider issue; society just wants women to be 'basic bitches'." Tickets and Info

Katie Elin-Salt - #PP2017 Roundabout Season

One Babbler, Three Plays! Katie's part of the Paines Plough Roundabout Season and is appearing in How To Be a Kid, Black Mountain and Out of Love. For more details on each show check out the website, and watch the trailer for Out of Love below! 

Happy Festivalling, everyone! 

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