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Are you a Bottersnike or a Gumble?

In a far away forgotten valley, heaped with long abandoned junk, a timeless battle rages between between squashy and scaly, happy and grumpy, clever and dim-witted, cute and plain old ugly! It's the land of Bottersnikes and Gumbles. Babbler Richard Grieve provides the voice of The King - the grumpy, bossy and ugly leader of the Bottersnikes, who when he isn’t eating, sleeping or passing wind, is busy shouting orders at the other Snikes, making them catch Gumbles, fetch him food or protect him from the rain. The King thinks he’s pretty great, and loves feeling important, so he tries to hide the fact that he’s not very clever, even though he is always being outsmarted by the Gumbles. Check out the show website! 


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